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Dr. Hanzhong (Han) Zhang,  "" TITLE: Potential of Computer Learning

Tuesday,  March 16th at 9 p.m. (Eastern), Note portions of the text have been edited for spelling and grammatical errors, while other text with errors was left in tact in the context of the chat.

Rebecca {public msg} Hello and Welcome to our talkAutism Specialty Chat. If you have a question for our Host Speaker, Just type a ď?Ē in the room. The names will be taken in order received. Hold your questions until you are cued by the Moderator. Also, Please keep chit chat down to a minimal, unless ok'd by the Host. Thank You and enjoy your stay!
Mark {enters}
Ron {enters}
Rebecca {public msg} Dr Hanzhong, do you have a brief promo ready?
Ron {public msg} hi everybody
Hanzhong {public msg} This is the link for the software I will talk about
Hanzhong {public msg} Call me Han
Jessnjaida {enters}
Ron {public msg} hi Han, thanks for sharing concepts about computer learning!
Hanzhong {public msg} If you copy the URL to the browser, it should be there, I just click it.
Moderator {public msg} Thanks Han
Moderator {public msg} Han would you like to get started by telling us just a bit about yourself?
Hanzhong {public msg} No problem.
Ron {public msg} ?
Hanzhong {public msg} I am the father of an autistic son. My son, Andy is 13 now, he is the one the software was originally developed for.
Chaz {enters}
Hanzhong {public msg} That was five years ago. The software evolved greatly through the years.
Hanzhong {public msg} The basic concept can be seen through the pamphlet. Let me introduce myself a little bit. I am a computer software engineer as well as a biologist.
Guest53 {public msg} ?
Hanzhong {public msg} I stopped my research in biology years ago and has been working on computer design and program for more than 15 years.
Guest53 {public msg} Very impressive bio
Chaz {public msg} why did you change?
Hanzhong {public msg} Tonight, I will focus on computer part. I will answer questions regarding how the software has help my son and how it can help us as well.
Moderator {public msg} Are you ready for the questions Han?
Andrew {enters}
Hanzhong {public msg} The reason I changed my career probably is due to my original interest, I am more math, engineer, person since my childhood.
Hanzhong {public msg} Yes.
Chaz {public msg} ic.. thank you Han
Moderator {public msg} Ron has the first question
Hanzhong {public msg} OK.
Ron {public msg} Why does Learning Helper differ than other normal learning programs? why do our kids respond to it?
Guest60 {enters}
Hanzhong {public msg} The fundamental concept of Learning Helper, the software is the customization. LH allows you to customize any of your teaching materials (sound, pictures, videos), and lesson parameters (discrete-trial commands, response), etc.
Kathy Johnson {enters}
Ron {public msg} do you detect that kids understand the exercises because it's customized to match how they learn?
Jessnjaida {public msg} ?
Hanzhong {public msg} The reason I developed LH was because I couldn't find this type of software back then (I visited Julie at DRL, the autism book publisher, spent half day in her store at Manhattan, 1999, and couldn't find anything suitable for Andy)
Dawn Scott {public msg} ?
Ron {public msg} thanks Han
Moderator {public msg} guest 53 you have the next question
Guest53 {public msg} My question is. How did you begin your child in taking actual interest in the computer. Is there allot of typing involved?
Hanzhong {public msg} Because autistic children have very big range of learning disabilities and the only way to fulfill the IEP is customization (Ron's question)
Guest53 {public msg} i see, so you write programs based on the individual child? Or a rounded average? Seeing as most Autistic children seem to have other disabilities as well
Ron {public msg} thanks again Han
Hanzhong {public msg} Guest53, most autistic kids love to "play" computer. LH supports "mouse", "keyboard" and "touch screen", input, not just typing, there are now more than ten lesson types in LH.
Guest53 {public msg} Or should I say other ranges of disabilities
Guest53 {public msg} Wow thatís great!
Mark {action} agrees whole-heartedly.
Guest53 {public msg} Can I slip in one more ?
Moderator {public msg} yes
Guest53 {public msg} At what age range do your programs begin
Hanzhong {public msg} Sorry, a lot of time, I spoke from my son's aspect. Yes, LH is for any learning disabilities.
Guest53 {public msg} Thank You
Guest53 {public msg} Meaning, what ages do you recommend your software to focus on.
Hanzhong {public msg} Guest53, any ages, as long as they can touch screen, click mouse, type keyboard because LH is of complete customization, you can create any level of lessons.
Hanzhong {public msg} Let me make an example of my son's usage now.
Jessnjaida {enters}
Hanzhong {public msg} Four years ago, Andy could only spell less than a dozen words. Now He can spell/type/dictate more than a dozen words a week with SPELLING LESSON. He "play" (practice) about one to one and half hour a day.
Guest53 {public msg} wow thatís great!
Moderator {public msg} dawn you have the next question
Dawn Scott {public msg} I have a 12 year old son Aspergers / ADHD that has difficulty in Grammar. He is home schooled because of "Falling through the cracks" Does the software include Grammar / English? This seems to be where he has the most difficulties.
Jessnjaida {public msg} ?
Hanzhong {public msg} LH has lessons of Objection ID, Object Matching, Grouping, Spelling, Sentence Composing, Math., etc.
Andrew {public msg} ?
Hanzhong {public msg} LH does not have exact "Grammar" lessons, but you can use sentence composing to train grammar.
Dawn Scott {public msg} ok thank you
Hanzhong {public msg} I am sorry, it is Object ID (identification).
Moderator {public msg} jess you are next
Jessnjaida {public msg} ok now its my turn and I have to recall my question :) I was just wondering what age groups this software is for.
Hanzhong {public msg} Like, I have stated before, it can be used from age 3 up to adult
Jessnjaida {public msg} oh ok...
Rebecca {action} . o O ( she was out when the guest asked that question. :) )
Moderator {public msg} Andrew you are next
Andrew {public msg} ok
Andrew {public msg} I was wondering, what are the first steps one would take to get their child started with this software?
Hanzhong {public msg} Object ID can be used to train early ages while math, spelling, sentence, reading are for older ones.
Hanzhong {public msg} Basically, I can implement most IEP with LH.
Andrew {public msg} ok
Moderator {public msg} How or rather where do you go to get this software?
Chaz {public msg} ?
Dawn Scott {public msg} ?
Hanzhong {public msg} We have trial/demo in the site (visit our site to learn more about it). And contact us if anything makes sense to you.
Hanzhong {public msg} website:
Moderator {public msg} chaz you are next
Moderator {public msg} thank you
Moderator {action} . o O ( we will post the link again shortly )
Chaz {public msg} I work in an elementary school.. with a large special ed population.. would this program be suitable for public use ?
Chaz {public msg} ... or would it have to be set up for only use by one or two children?
Hanzhong {public msg} There is a network version of LH, which is best for school that all student can share materials and lessons within a school.
Chaz {public msg} oh good.. thank you Han ... will pass that on to my supervisors
Moderator {public msg} Dawn Scott you are next
Hanzhong {public msg} Thank you, have them contact us.
Dawn Scott {public msg} my question was how well do the children learn
Dawn Scott {public msg} Most of the software I have seen is usually boring to children
Dawn Scott {public msg} I am not saying that if yours
Hanzhong {public msg} It depends. LH has a reward system that a child is awarded base on a token system during a lesson playing. A reward can be "praising sound", "picture", "movies", anything you can make or find, can be put in LH as rewards.
Dawn Scott {public msg} ok
Hanzhong {public msg} If a child is motivated, he/she can learn very fast.
Rebecca {action} agrees whole-heartedly.
Guest60 {public msg} ?
Moderator {public msg} guest60 you have a question to ask?
Guest60 {public msg} any limitations on the trial version I see on the site that I just downloaded?
Hanzhong {public msg} Besides, LH has a complete progress report and mastered items tracking system that you know what a child has learned anytime.
Kathy Johnson {enters}
Hanzhong {public msg} The trial version supports most windows system, with 100M HD should be enough.
Guest60 {public msg} okay thank you
Rebecca {public msg} can you please post the free trial offer again?
Hanzhong {public msg} Just let you know that anybody feels LH can be helpful, just emails us and we will keep you inform any new status of the software.
Ron {public msg} ?
Moderator {public msg} Ron you have a question
Ron {public msg} what do you see as future capabilities for LH?
Hanzhong {public msg} my email address is:
Dawn Scott {public msg} with dsl only a 3 min download
Moderator {public msg} Han I would like to thank you for sharing part of your evening with us
Hanzhong {public msg} Ron, I will answer questions shortly. But I want to let people know that the demos version has been there for a while, the current version will be of some way difference.
Rebecca {public msg} Hanz, Thank you for your time
Hanzhong {public msg} Ron, we will develop speech lesson for LH in the future.
Hanzhong {public msg} Thank you all for attending the chat.
Dawn Scott {public msg} ?
MommyO {public msg} thank you Han -- this was great
Chaz {public msg} ?
Mark {action} . o O ( thank you for all your work and efforts for helping those with learning disabilities Han )
MommyO {public msg} also, thank you Ms. Moderator, Rebecca and Parenthood Place for hosting this for talkautism
Hanzhong {public msg} You are welcome.
Rebecca {public msg} does the Guest have time for two more questions
Rebecca {public msg} your welcome Mommy
Hanzhong {public msg} Yes, I am OK.
Moderator {public msg} my pleasure as always mommyo
Moderator {public msg} ok dawn you have a question
Dawn Scott {public msg} It has a password needed to finish the installation. is there a password for this?
Dawn Scott {public msg} for the demo
Hanzhong {public msg} the password is "trydemo".
Dawn Scott {public msg} thank you
Moderator {public msg} chaz you have one?
Chaz {public msg} I see on the download page a number to call ... is there a toll free number? did I miss a link?
Hanzhong {public msg} you are welcome.
Ron {public msg} thanks Han, and to our moderators. hope all enjoy the demo.
Hanzhong {public msg} Sorry, we donít have a toll free number, email us and we will contact you.
Chaz {public msg} thank you Han
Hanzhong {public msg} you are welcome
Moderator {public msg} Thank you all for coming tonight. I hope that demo helps
Ron {public msg} remember all, next chat is apr. 13th... increasing Verbal Behavior with Jason Ries
Hanzhong {public msg} Yes.
Ron {leaves}
Hanzhong {public msg} If nobody has any question, I would say good night and thank you again.
Mark {public msg} night Han, again our thanks
Rebecca {public msg} Thank you Hanz!
Chaz {public msg} thank you Han..
Rebecca {public msg} Night and take care
Moderator {leaves}
Hanzhong {leaves}

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