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With John Keating  "TITLE: Remembering Cycle USA (6,700 bike journey across the US to raise $ for autism in 2001....What's next. "

Sunday, April 27th at 9 p.m. (Eastern), Note portions of the text have been edited for spelling and grammatical errors, while other text with errors was left in tact in the context of the chat.

Rebecca{public msg} Hello and Welcome all to talkAutism and Please help us welcome Remembering Cycle USA (6,700 bike journey across the US to raise $ for autism in 2001) ... What's Next? With John Keating.

The goal is to promote awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and raise $1,000,000 in Canada for ASD Research through a cross Canada Cycle for Autism. The cycle will begin July 5, 2003 in Vancouver and end on August 23, 2003 in Halifax, Nova Scotia with fundraising events held in various cities along the way , including Vancouver, Regina , Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax . These events will not only help raise funds but will raise public awareness as well.

Ron Harrison {public msg} Hi all.
Ron{public msg} I'm here to say that due to Cycle USA, I know that.
Ron{public msg} Canadians invented basketball.
Ron{public msg} And all the great music.
Cher Kelley {public msg} They did?
Ron{public msg} and have The best comedians.
Cher Kelley {public msg} Ok, I agree with the comedians.
Cher Kelley {public msg} Music, we are going to have to talk bud.
Ron{public msg} Yes, RonH. and I debated that for days on end.
Cher Kelley {public msg} Well you both had plenty of time on the road to do so.
Tabv {enters}
Cher Kelley {public msg} Hi Tabv.
Cher Kelley {public msg} Be right back.
Tabv {public msg} Hi all.
Ron{public msg} Ron, ever been on a chat like this?
Ron{public msg} Hi Tabv.
Ron Harrison {public msg} Never.
Tabv {public msg} Welcome :)
Ron Harrison {public msg} John is on his way from the station.
Cher Kelley {public msg} Time to break you boys in with chat on line.
Ron{public msg} Thanks for the update Ron.
Cher Kelley {public msg} How you been RonH?
Ron {public msg} We might get you to fill for john for a bit , is that alright, Ron?
Ron Harrison {public msg} Things are very busy.
Ron{public msg} You know more than he anyway about life and all, lol...
Ron Harrison {public msg} I can try to fill in for john.
Ron{public msg} we'll give it a couple more minutes for others who might be getting on now.
Cher Kelley {public msg} I want to know what you boys are cooking up as far as a ride in Canada.
Ron{public msg} Great, thanks Ron... you're amongst friends.
Ron{public msg} Oohhh.
Ron{public msg} Ron, what did you do after cycle usa was over???
Ron{public msg} Besides sleep, sleep, sleep etc.
Ron Harrison {public msg} Well were still planning but so far we are leaving Vancouver on July 5 and arrive on the east coast Aug 23.
Ron{public msg} That seems like an aggressive time line.
Ron Harrison {public msg} I don't have time to sleep.
Ron{public msg} How many miles a day? lol
Cher Kelley {public msg} I would think not.
Rebecca {action} Says "Be Right Back".
Ron{public msg} Thanks.
Cher Kelley {public msg} Ok Rebecca.
Ron{public msg} Who is doing the route planning?
Ron Harrison {public msg} About 180 klm which is about 120 miles per day.
Tabv {public msg} OK Rebecca.
Ron{public msg} That's sick!!!
Cher Kelley {public msg} Wow, what was the average mileage a day for cycle usa, I cannot remember.
Ron Harrison {public msg} That would be me planning the route.
Cher Kelley {public msg} But 120 seems high.
Ron{public msg} 85-85 miles, about.
Cher Kelley {public msg} Thatís what I thought.
Ron{public msg} 85-95 that is.
Cher Kelley {public msg} Thatís a lot of miles.
Ron Harrison {public msg} The average was 85 MPH. day for cycle usa.
Ron{public msg} that was enough.
Cyn {enters}
Cher Kelley {public msg} Hi Cyn.
Ron{public msg} How many flat tires did we average ??????
Ron{public msg} Hi Cyn.
Cyn {public msg} Hi, everyone!
Tabv {public msg} Hi.
Ron Harrison {public msg} Me you or the whole crew for flats.
Ron{public msg} You got to be good at something.
Cher Kelley {public msg} Well ron, with you, it was something like one a day I think :)
Ron Harrison {public msg} Maybe more.
Ron{public msg} Yeah, and when i didn't get one, Iíd sabotage my bike with an ice pick.
Ron{public msg} I now cannot change a tire, i got a phobia since then.
Ron Harrison {public msg} So what have you been up to cher.
Cher Kelley {public msg} Oh the pictures I had sent lol.
Cher Kelley {public msg} Just about everything RonH, still working with ASD and Artie and the whole crew here in Delaware.
Cher Kelley {public msg} Cannot believe its been two years since we were all in NYC on the Today Show.
Ron Harrison {public msg} Time does fly by.
Onegary {enters}
Rebecca {public msg} Welcome Onegary.
Ron{public msg} hey Gary.
Cher Kelley {public msg} There needs to be a cycleusa reunion somewhere.
Cher Kelley {public msg} Hi Gary.
Ron{public msg} Guys -
Onegary {public msg} Hello everyone.
Ron Harrison {public msg} That would be a great idea.
Tabv {public msg} Hi Gary.
Ron Harrison {public msg} Hi Gary.
Ron{public msg} Gary W. is VP of CAN, state rep for UA in NJ, and has put on many of the records you'll find on expert find,,,, he also has a lot of stories
Cher Kelley {public msg} Nice to meet you Gary.
Ron Harrison {public msg} I have about 1200 pictures of cycle that i look at and laugh and cry about at least once a month.
Cyn {public msg} Hi, Gary.
Ron{public msg} One anecdote about cycle usa.
Cher Kelley {public msg} I believe that RonH.
Ron{public msg} When we went thru Delaware, there was a real neat father and son meeting us on a old tandem.
Ron{public msg} John Gray and Ian were a blast to be with,
Cher Kelley {public msg} They are doing great too Ron.
Ron{public msg} John also did allot of the emceeing that night at the reception.
Ron{public msg} Well.
Ron Harrison {public msg} Was that the boy that wouldnít hold on.
Ron{public msg} After i got back, we sort of kept in touch a little bit.
Onegary {public msg} First I would like to state that you Cycle USA folks are great- what you did for us as a community was never seen before- thank you all.
Ron{public msg} We had a bike event (one day) in Nj that --- no that was the Ben in Indy.
Ron{public msg} lol
Ron Harrison {public msg} Thanks Gary.
Ron{public msg} Well, John and Ian came up to this event.
Cher Kelley {public msg} Our pleasure Gary.
Onegary {public msg} ?
Ron{public msg} And I walked right be john gray without recognizing him.
Ron{public msg} The guy had lost 50 pounds or so, is in superb shape, with new tandem.
Cher Kelley {public msg} Yeah John did loose a ton, he was worked to death lol.
Ron{public msg} And him and his son are two of the best tandem riders I think I've ever seen.
Cher Kelley {public msg} They are awesome, we are all so proud of them both here.
Ron{public msg} I thought it was the bike training.
Ron{public msg} He and Ian are fantastic, do 100 mile rides together.
Cher Kelley {public msg} Everyone was making fun of me and john G. we both melted away to nothing past two years.
Ron Harrison {public msg} How is artie and the gang cher.
Cher Kelley {public msg} They are fantastic!
Ron{public msg} Good stuff Cheryl.
Onegary {public msg} Ok, I have to know what was it like for you when you realized, oh my god I am really going to do this. Moving from a dream to a reality.
Cher Kelley {public msg} Artie has done a lot with autism awareness and NASCAR and fox TV.
Cyn {public msg} Ron- I met a John and his son JP here in LA ... they said to say "Hi" and that they rode with you.
Ron{public msg} Oh yeah!
Ron{public msg} They were the other tandem stalwarts.
Ron{public msg} Where did you meet them Cyn?
Cyn {public msg} At the TA booth!!
Asdgray {enters}
Ron Harrison {public msg} Happy Anniversary . John Keating here. The computer illiterate one.
Cher Kelley {public msg} Speaking of there is John :)
Cher Kelley {public msg} Hi John.
Ron{public msg} Hey Johnny K.
Tabv {public msg} Hi Asdgray:)
Ron{public msg} It's amazing we put our buddies thru , john.
Rebecca {public msg} Hey John! Welcome finally!
Cher Kelley {public msg} Both John's...Asdgray is John Gray.
Ron{public msg} It builds computer character.
Tabv {public msg} Hi john, welcome.
Ron{public msg} Glad to have you bud.
Cher Kelley {public msg} Does he really need more character ron?
Ron{public msg} You're brother in law is showing you up again.
Ron{public msg} Hey John Gray!!
Ron Harrison {public msg} Sorry about the delay. Rebecca you were very patient with me. I have a headache now don't know about you.
Ron{public msg} Iíve been talking about you and Ian just now!! Remarkable team!
Rebecca {action} chuckles in amusement.
Cher Kelley {public msg} Yes Asdgray, RonO has been busy bragging about you and IAN.
Ron{public msg} Sorry John, system can be temperamental, depending on what computer you come in...
Rebecca {public msg} Naw, I'm fine John :) All in a days support. Firewalls on major network computers will block out chat every time.
Ron Harrison {public msg} Ron Harrison is taking a break and I am using his name on the chat.
Ron{public msg} RonH. was filling us in a little bit about this bike ride across Canada. what's up?
Cher Kelley {public msg} Hey JohnK, where is your daily log young man!
Ron{public msg} Haven't you had enough in one lifetime?
Cher Kelley {public msg} lol NO.
Ron Harrison {public msg} Cheryl I just got flashback.
Cher Kelley {public msg} I figured.
Ron{public msg} laugh.
Cher Kelley {action} grins evilly.
Ron{public msg} Tell us about what is happening this summer bud...
Ron Harrison {public msg} I am cycling across Canada July 5th-AUg 23, As we cycle through my hometown, we are attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the most cyclists on bicycles, any Idea what we have to beat???
Ron{public msg} wow.
Tabv {public msg} cool.
Ron{public msg} I think it's Montreal , or NYC event.
Cher Kelley {public msg} Wow, no idea...wonder how ya find out.
Ron{public msg} 35,000 or so, right?
Ron Harrison {public msg} The record was set in 2000 in Italy and we have to beat 48,615 cyclists.
Ron{public msg} That's a lot of Canadians.
Cher Kelley {public msg} Are there that many ?
Tabv {public msg} brb.
Ron{public msg} How you going to do it?
Ron{public msg} RV... , big events, what's the plan, man?
Ron Harrison {public msg} We have approval from Guinness and are in the planning stages. Every rider must pledge at least $10 so we may raise at least $500, 000 for research from the one event.
Ron Harrison {public msg} Canadians did event cycling you know!!!
Ron{public msg} That's Johnny K., thinking big
Ron{public msg} Haha.
Ron{public msg} Right after the car, and train.
Ron{public msg} So, how you going to get that many cyclists in one spot???
Cher Kelley {public msg} Dream big, there is little power in little plans.
Ron Harrison {public msg} Ya RV, preplanned events across the country and the big Guinness event. Hoping to get out Celebes and Guinness said if we get good aerial coverage, they may air it on there TV show. The Chief of Police has given us the police helicopter to video it.
Rebecca {action} Applauds fervently.
Ron{public msg} You want an obnoxious American contingent up for the day??? Oh john G???
Rebecca {public msg} lol ron.
Ron Harrison {public msg} This will give autism lots of international awareness.
Rebecca {public msg} Thatís fantastic John!
Ron{public msg} That is great...
Rebecca {public msg} Wow.
Ron{public msg} John is our great spokesman as well.
Ron{public msg} No more crying though, ok big guy??
Ron Harrison {public msg} I learned from your lead Ronnie O.
Rebecca {public msg} I bet! Very quick at learning computers too!
Rebecca {action} smiles.
Ron Harrison {public msg} Well, I need allot more help in that field for sure.
Ron{public msg} I'm going to have to chaaaarrrrggee you. (Bill Harvey)
Ron Harrison {public msg} Is that John and Ian from Maryland on.
Cher Kelley {public msg} Yes.
Cher Kelley {public msg} From Delaware.
Ron{public msg} When is the big day thru your home town?
Cher Kelley {public msg} But he msg me, he apparently cannot get txt to send in this window.
Rebecca {public msg} Logout and try another client.
Ron Harrison {public msg} August 9. If any one from USA can make it a trip with family, holiday, come on up.
Ron{public msg} We'll see... way to think big buddy.
Ron{public msg} Do you have help out in Vancouver to help kick this off?
Ron Harrison {public msg} John if you can read this, say Hi to Ian for me. I remember him well. Hope he is doing okay.
Ron Harrison {public msg} Ya Vancouver is apparently planning a really good kick off.
Ron{public msg} You would not believe what great cyclists John and Ian are, John K. they came up to Jersey. - wow.
Onegary {leaves}
Asdgray {enters}
Ron Harrison {public msg} No doubt. They were good when I met them.
Cher Kelley {public msg} That working for you now John G?
Asdgray {public msg} Hi guys. I can write now at last.
Asdgray {public msg} Yes, Cheryl.
Cher Kelley {public msg} good :)
Ron{public msg} Hey, the man !!!
Cher Kelley {public msg} You need to be here, they are just so busy bragging about you.
Asdgray {public msg} RonO: Thanks for all the compliments.
Ron{public msg} John k. tell these guys a little about the Toonie Program. That was another great thing we didn't get to hear much about down here.
Ron{public msg} Looking forward to June 14th (john G.) !
Asdgray {public msg} Ian is "the man" now. I've started calling him "The Hammer."
Asdgray {public msg} Me too, Ron.
Ron{public msg} wow! We need to get him training Robby.
Ron{public msg} Johnny K. you there?
Asdgray {public msg} You CycleUSA guys were the inspiration for our riding together.
Ron{public msg} That feels really great to hear that.
Ron{public msg} I just met a lady from Steubenville OH today. I was telling her about the death-deifying kids we rode with that day (in Weir, WV) remember that guys?
Ron{public msg} John K may be locked out.
Cher Kelley {public msg} I didnít do it.
Ron{public msg} Sorry john... you may log out, and come back in...
Ron Harrison {public msg} John , say Hi to Ian for me.
Ron Harrison {public msg} The Toonie is a two dollars Canadian coin. The campaign is called Toonie for autism day. This is the third year. The first year a teacher did it a 3 schools were kids brought in a toonie and were educated about autism. It all started from Cycle USA, this teacher heard about it and did the event in honor of cycleusa. This year is the third year and over 500 schools took part . Approx $250,000 will hopefully have been raised for research and all the kids get educated about the kids in their schools with autism. Education is through a video that the toonie team produced.
Asdgray {public msg} I am having better luck using the HTML client.
Rebecca {public msg} good asd ;) Glad you could make it.
Ron{public msg} 500 schools!
Cher Kelley {public msg} So far the java one is stable on my end, shocking.
Ron{public msg} we need To emulate that here in the US.
Cher Kelley {public msg} The toonie thing sounds amazing.
Ron{public msg} We should try to video stream that video thru the talkautism network... many would love to see it.
Rebecca {public msg} Wow! great John!
Ron{public msg} I love the idea how john got all normal kids thinking it's being a hero to befriend our kids with autism.
Ron{public msg} That was a great memory from Cycle USA.
Rebecca {public msg} awwwww.
Ron{public msg} How is Kurtis doing, John?
Cher Kelley {public msg} There is a lot of good that came from CycleUSA that we will prolly never hear about, all of those great personal stories that turned the corner for so many folks.
Cher Kelley {public msg} The message board was filled with stories like that.
Ron Harrison {public msg} It is such a great program. You know how schools do heart and stroke stuff and cancer stuff and lots of other good stuff, but rarely do children in the schools have those diseases or disorders. However, in Ontario and I am sure it is more in the USA, every single school has at least one child with autism. Therefore the students really feel a connection . They know the child they are helping. I go into schools and talk to the kids in my uniform and encourage them to talk to our kids and to treat them well and I get great feedback from the schools on how much it works.
Ron{public msg} I think so, it confirmed to me how many local heroes we really have all thru-out this country.
Ron{public msg} And oh yeah, and in Canada.
Ron{action} :O)
Ron{public msg} That's so cool.
Cher Kelley {public msg} Yes it is.
Ron{public msg} The uniform works to hold up traffic to on bike tours.
Cher Kelley {public msg} Was worth it all.
Cher Kelley {public msg} Lol.
Ron{public msg} You could not pay millions of dollars and get the same treatment.
Ron Harrison {public msg} The video this year was great. We had it professionally done and a 12 yr old sister of a boy with autism tells about her brother. Great response about the video. We could probably send you one RonO to put on the internet.
Ron{public msg} John -- any of that Toonie money going to research projects yet?
Ron{public msg} That sounds good. love to do it.
Ron{public msg} Our 5 sponsors I'm sure would love to have it play within their sites as well.
Cher Kelley {public msg} JohnK, what is the name of the next ride?
Cher Kelley {public msg} And of course, do you have a site up for it yet?
Ron{public msg} hehe
Ron Harrison {public msg} Not so far this year, as the toonie day was just last Friday. The funds will be coming in soon. You need to send me message later and I will set u up with the Ex. Dir. re funding.
Ron{public msg} Great stuff bud.
Ron{public msg} So what's the next ride called?
Ron Harrison {public msg} We have great site at
Cher Kelley {public msg} awesome.
Ron{public msg} oohhhh
Ron Harrison {public msg} The ride is called Cycle for Autism.
Ron{public msg} Good name.
Cher Kelley {public msg} Oh I love it, its nice looking Johnk!
Ron Harrison {public msg} One problem, Im not in shape yet. It s harder this time than last time for some reason.
Ron{public msg} How about calling it Cycle for Autism ... thru the Canadian tundra...
Cher Kelley {public msg} Oh look you grew a mustache. lol
Ron{public msg} That's a minor problem John. you'll pull it off.
Ron Harrison {public msg} actually that is an older picture, I'm nice and clean again.
Cyn {public msg} The site does look really good!
Ron{public msg} of course, per Ronh. , you increased the miles per day.
Cher Kelley {public msg} yes.
Ron{public msg} i can't switch over, I'll look later.
Ron{public msg} that's crazy.
Ron Harrison {public msg} Ya he has, I need to have a chat with him about the miles.
Asdgray {public msg} I wish Ian and I could join you, but I don't think we're quite ready for that.
Ron Harrison {public msg} When I told work I was doing this again, I'm not sure they were too impressed, but I promised them I would not cycle across any more countries after this.
Cher Kelley {public msg} come on John G...think Road trip!
Asdgray {public msg} Maybe we'll be able to do a transcontinental ride when he's a bit older.
Ron Harrison {public msg} I think Ian might do okay John , Not sure about dad.
Asdgray {public msg} Hey Cheryl, it sounds great to me.
Cher Kelley {public msg} oooooh I hear a challenge.
Ron{public msg} you got some good buddies there.
Cher Kelley {public msg} Hey John, don't we want to have an executive committee retreat?? Why not Canada.
Ron{public msg} don't know how you can work your magic to get the time off... but G bless.
Asdgray {public msg} Ron has the right idea. I figure when Ian is 16, I won't have to do anything but steer and brake.
Tabv {action} is doing a road trip this summer, but I'm going in a car lol... :) i applaud all of you.
Ron{public msg} john k, hold out for one more intercontinental trip.
Ron{public msg} i mentioned to john g, and maybe john K, wouldn't it be great to have a bunch of bikes for autism pulling.
Ron{public msg} into the Athens Olympics in Greece next year!!
Ron{public msg} starting up in Sweden... it's all downhill.
Cyn {public msg} lol
Ron{public msg} this is coming from a guy who hasn't ridden much since 2001.
Ron Harrison {public msg} I am working shifts now and happen to be working . I just called a guy earlier, I have been looking for him for awhile now and he has been avoiding me for some reason!!!!! However, he can run but he can't hide. I have located him and have to go see him at 10 PM so I must go. RonH is back on and it was great talking to you all and we will talk again soon. Keep in touch. My email is Bye for now.
Asdgray {public msg} I like the idea Ron, but remember those little bumps they call the Alps.
Ron{public msg} thanks a lot JohnK. Great to have you on, and thanks for all you are dong for autism!!
Ron{public msg} stay in touch buddy.
Rebecca {public msg} bye John, take care.
Ron{public msg} oh yeah, john G, those Alps...
Rebecca {public msg} nice to meet you!
Cher Kelley {public msg} JohnG, alps, shmalps...whats a few mountain ranges?
Cyn {public msg} thank you, John.
Ron{public msg} if we go downhill fast enough thru Germany we'll fly right over it.
Asdgray {public msg} Goodbye, John K.
Cher Kelley {public msg} You go The Hammer power.
Tabv {action} smiles.
Ron{public msg} so RonH., do you have to line up some big sponsors for the cycle across Canada to pull it off?
Asdgray {public msg} That's right. It's just as I tell Ian: "Down and up!"
Cher Kelley {public msg} It's about my bedtime folks.
Cher Kelley {public msg} I must get up early to serve ASD!
Ron{public msg} great to hooking up with you Cheryl.
Asdgray {public msg} Thank you, Cheryl. Someone has to keep us up and running.
Ron{public msg} Congrats again, and all the best. see if you can make it up June 6th.
Ron{public msg} You might like the technology stuff, and the model trains.
Ron{public msg} \:)
Cher Kelley {public msg} My youngest loves trains.
Ron{public msg} He'll love this place.
Cher Kelley {public msg} I'll see...JohnG and the rest keep me very busy these days :)
Ron{public msg} Biggest model train railroad in the world!!
Cher Kelley {public msg} Oh wow!
Ron{public msg} Talk about one man's vision.
Cher Kelley {public msg} Yeah no lie.
Ron{public msg} It takes one almost 2 hours to walk thru it If you want to go through the whole thing.
Ron{public msg} I swear, Disney and Sony wanted to buy this guy out.
Cher Kelley {public msg} I smell OCD there. lol
Ron{public msg} Yes, exactly!!!!
Cher Kelley {public msg} Ok, goodnight folks...I'll be in touch RonO.
Ron{public msg} Keep up the great stuff.
Cher Kelley {public msg} Yes sir, you too...we got a lot more work to do.
Ron{public msg} Folks, I'm actually on the road, and still need to get dinner
Cyn {public msg} Nite Cheryl.
Ron Harrison {public msg} Nice to talk to you cher.
Cher Kelley {public msg} Nite nite :) Take care all and all the best in your plans.
Ron{public msg} ThanksPHP for hosting us, thanks RonH. for being the computer literate one up there.
Cyn {public msg} Nite Ron... take care of yourself and get a good meal.
Cher Kelley {leaves}
Asdgray {public msg} I need to go too, guys. Thanks for the chat.
Rebecca {public msg} Bye all and take care.
Ron{public msg} And thanks John G and Cyn for joining us . G Nite.
Asdgray {public msg} RonO: I'll be in touch about Ride4Autism.
Ron Harrison {public msg} Talk to you again soon ron.
Asdgray {public msg} Bye.
Rebecca {public msg} Remember, you all can meet here anytime.
Rebecca {public msg} Other than on Rons scheduled dates.
Rebecca {public msg} ;)
Rebecca {public msg} Open 24/7
Ron Harrison {public msg} Night all and thanks Rebecca.
Cyn {public msg} Yes, thanks Rebecca and nite Ronh
Rebecca {public msg} Your welcome Ron, Take care
Tabv {action} . o O ( Everyone's definitely welcome :) )
Ron Harrison {leaves}
Asdgray {leaves}
Cyn {public msg} Nite all!
Cyn {leaves}

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