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The following transcript is of a Specialty Chat hosted on chat area. They are brought to our visitors as a convenience for those that missed the chat.

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DR. Jim Ball, VP of YCS / Sawtelle ( )

"TITLE: "Videophone support for classrooms".

Tuesday,  July 13th at 9 p.m. (Eastern), Note portions of the text have been edited for spelling and grammatical errors, while other text with errors was left in tact in the context of the chat.

Jim Ball {public msg} Hey
Ron {public msg} hi folks!
Jim Ball {public msg} Hi Ronald O
Marysim {enters}
Rebecca {public msg} Hello and Welcome to our talkAutism Specialty Chat. If you have a question for our Host Speaker, Just type a “?” in the room. The names will be taken in order received. Hold your questions until you are cued by the Moderator. Also, Please keep chit chat down to a minimal, unless ok'd by the Host. Thank You and enjoy your stay!
Marysim {public msg} hello
Guest216 {enters}
Rebecca {public msg} hello Mary
Rebecca {public msg} Hello Guest, Welcome
Ron {public msg} Where is everybody from?
Marysim {public msg} I’m from Alaska ...
Jim Ball {public msg} NJ
Rebecca {action} is in Ohio, USA
Ron {public msg} Idaho
Rebecca {public msg} Wow@Alaska, Nice to have you here Mary
Ridgiemama {enters}
Rebecca {action: ridgiemama} waves at ridgiemama.
Ridgiemama {public msg} Hey Rebecca
Rebecca {public msg} Hi Ridgie!
Ridgiemama {public msg} Coming by for some support!
Rebecca {public msg} Good, grab a seat & post a "?" if you have any questions for our Guest
Ridgiemama {public msg} Thanks ;)
Marysim {public msg} thanks
Harvey {enters}
Rebecca {public msg} Welcome Harvey
Rebecca {public msg} Jim, Whenever you are ready to begin?
Harvey {public msg} hello
Ron {public msg} can I start?
Rebecca {public msg} Sure Ron
Ron {public msg} Since I invited Jim, and have worked a bit with him on videophones, I want to introduce this.
Ron {public msg} I wanted to introduce tonight’s Specialty chat by saying our lead host, Jim Ball VP of YCS / Sawtelle ( ), enthusiastically agreed to work with our nonprofit group, Princeton Autism Technology, very early on … to research where technology can helpful
Rebecca {action} applauds fervently.
Ron {public msg} Like one would hope in such a new project, Jim has been great to be flexible, a quick learner with the technology, and has helped us see where potential is for such tools to increase services and understanding, but also where we still have some challenges.
Ron {public msg} Tonight, after Jim shares some feedback re. using the videophones for Education situations, and any questions to Jim are fielded, we do want to open up the discussion to even broader uses of these tools for other applicable uses including health issues…
Ron {public msg} with that, I’d like to thank Jim and pass the chat over to Jim for some initial comments…
Rebecca {public msg} Thanks Ron
Jim Ball {public msg} Thanks Ron
Jim Ball {public msg} Several years ago I met Ron and Sharon and their wonderful son Robby.
Jim Ball {public msg} I spoke with them about helping our schools in NJ reach out to other schools and districts.
Jim Ball {public msg} We had already been working in Maryland and starting a relationship with schools in Texas.
Jim Ball {public msg} We needed a cost effective way to provide quality services.
Andrew {enters}
Jim Ball {public msg} So PAT, Princeton Autism Technology suggested Videophones.
Jim Ball {public msg} We started with 1 POTS phone in one class the first hear and wanted to reach more kids and Districts.
Jim Ball {public msg} We would go out to the sites once a month and wanted a way to stay in touch with the Teachers and the Classrooms on a more frequent basis.
Jim Ball {public msg} Mainly for quality control.
Jim Ball {public msg} It helped us to be available for the teachers and to observe behavior as it happened and give immediate feedback.
Jim Ball {public msg} Please feel free to ask questions at any time.
Marysim {public msg} ?
Rebecca {public msg} Go ahead Mary
Marysim {public msg} Is it different than videoconferencing (something our hospital uses for remote counseling at times)?
Jim Ball {public msg} yes
Jim Ball {public msg} The technology we used is less costly and initially easier to use.
Jim Ball {public msg} It is what the networks used during the Gulf War.
Marysim {public msg} The vc is good, but it's too costly for schools out here
Guest216 {public msg} ?
Marysim {public msg} oh.. how much are they?
Jim Ball {public msg} VC is the best, but as you say not cost effective.
Jim Ball {public msg} The Videophones we used only required internet access.
Marysim {public msg} and you plug these into your normal phone line, right. is quality good?
Marysim {public msg} oops, got your response... no phone lines.
Jim Ball {public msg} So, after you configured the phone, you only had to dial the IP address
Marysim {public msg} is that easy to figure out?
Rebecca {public msg} So its like plugging in a head set to listen to music on the internet?
Jim Ball {public msg} If you are using just one location, it can be very effective
Marysim {public msg} thanks Dr. Ball
Jim Ball {public msg} yes
Harvey {public msg} How do I bring the more cost effective video to my school district for it is lacking in expert services?
Jim Ball {public msg} We arrange a consult with the District and as part of that contract, we provide the videophone support
Jim Ball {public msg} Initially we had good success, but we ran into issues.
Harvey {public msg} What would I need to do at the school?
Jim Ball {public msg} I don't understand your question....
Rebecca {public msg} Who would he contact or set the school to contact?
Harvey {public msg} What IT steps do i need to take
Jim Ball {public msg} YCS Sawtelle Learning Centers/
Jim Ball {public msg} You have to have high speed internet access in the Classroom
Jim Ball {public msg} Purchase the Videophone, usually around $1500.00.
Rebecca {public msg} Guest216, you had a question?
Harvey {public msg} oh ok thank you
Guest216 {public msg} I will wait, this is interesting.
Jim Ball {public msg} It may also require a computer with a router.
Jim Ball {public msg} However, besides the router (approx $75.00) the rest are usually in classrooms.
Rebecca {action} nods solemnly.
Harvey {public msg} oh great
Guest216 {public msg} Is it available in other States yet? If not, Is that any future idea's or thoughts to expand?
Jim Ball {public msg} Ron
Ron {public msg} I’ll comment.
Rebecca {action} listens.
Jim Ball {public msg} I know the technology is beginning to be used more effectively by a wide range of people.
Ron {public msg} Jim has been looking into other possibilities, and we as a nonprofit, have started supporting an agency in NJ who is using them to extend to the homes.
Jim Ball {public msg} In a variety of locations
Rebecca {action} . o O ( Knowing one guest here is in Alaska, that’s a good question )
Jim Ball {public msg} The problem is the experts to provide the service.
Ron {public msg} for educational purposes, YCS is only school i know of.
Guest218 {enters}
Ron {public msg} it's interesting to comment that these agree being used for home health nursing, hospice care into the home.
Rebecca {public msg} Honestly, that is truly sad
Ron {public msg} and videoconferencing has been used to supervise and oversee some group homes
Rebecca {public msg} Ron, can I ask you a question?
Ron {public msg} sure
Jim Ball {public msg} It's an innovative way to do it.
Rebecca {public msg} Just for the record, Have you seen great improvements in Robby using the service? From one Parent to others..
Ron {public msg} Jim has recorded thru his videophone to archive his experience, and to demonstrate the quality achievable.
Rebecca {public msg} wow! that’s great!
Ron {public msg} re. Robby, and some other kids we've crudely piloted these with.
Rebecca {action} listens.
Ron {public msg} The real value that Jim is proving is professionals can better support paraprofessionals and new teachers.
Ron {public msg} kids themselves, it is a bit soon to tell.
Jim Ball {public msg} It has enabled us to provide feedback on the spot, rather then spending each consult visit retraining.
Ron {public msg} but we see signs that our nonverbal kids like Robby are motivated to come up to the phone, blurt words into it, because they are motivated to work with it.
Rebecca {action} . o O ( Very impressive! )
Jim Ball {public msg} Also, it has provided to be very well received by the teaching staff.
Ron {public msg} I can really see these as a motivator to get some kids to learn things that other ways could not...
Jim Ball {public msg} They always have someone to bounce ideas off of and always feel supported.
Ron {public msg} but we need to set up right conditions, and that needs to be down the road
Ron {public msg} one thing, that is postponing some progress , are some operational issues in the schools
Ron {public msg} Jim - can you share some of these challenges?
Rebecca {public msg} I’ve heard that allot of autistic children have very sensitive hearing, to certain tones, does this affect them with the head phones on?
Rebecca {public msg} sorry....go ahead Jim..
Jim Ball {public msg} It more for staff support then teaching kids.
Marysim {public msg} ?
Jim Ball {public msg} It is a training tool.... another set of eyes to help troubleshoot issues.
Rebecca {public msg} Ready for the next question Jim?
Jim Ball {public msg} yes
Rebecca {public msg} Go ahead Mary
Ron {public msg} Jim- what problems have your schools experienced?
Ron {public msg} ...since I know that is a loaded question :), and one we should cover
Sunny {enters}
Jim Ball {public msg} The videophones were difficult to configure in some locations.
Rebecca {action: sunny} waves at sunny.
Jim Ball {public msg} due to firewall issues
Ron {public msg} sorry for being out of order, Rebecca and Mary.
Jim Ball {public msg} The schools have to keep a great deal of information out and also keep their kids from accessing information not appropriate.
Jim Ball {public msg} So, it has become cumbersome to move the phones around to different locations.
Jim Ball {public msg} If they stay stationary, it is effective, not always cost effective to have multiple phones.
Jim Ball {public msg} When we used the Pots phone, it was only one room and it was a phone line we used.
Jim Ball {public msg} However the quality was poor.
Jim Ball {public msg} With the Videophones, the quality was excellent, but the portability was not.
Ron {public msg} could that plain old telephone line (POTS) be used for anything for what you've been doing?
Jim Ball {public msg} Yea... but as I said the quality is not as good and sometimes difficult to see the kids and figure out what the kids are actually doing.
Ron {public msg} and to reiterate what you said, the quality of IP phones was great, but moving around in the schools can be cumbersome because of needing to address firewall issues. right?
Jim Ball {public msg} Yes
Rebecca {action} . o O ( all firewalls can be set to accept a URL or IP )
Ron {public msg} thanks Jim.
Rebecca {public msg} Mary had a question
Rebecca {public msg} Go ahead Mary :)
Marysim {public msg} is it easy to train your (distant) staff to use these? Our folks are not too comfortable with technology.
Jim Ball {public msg} We utilized the Districts IT staff and as long as the phone stayed in one location, it was easy to teach the staff to use.
Jim Ball {public msg} The IT staff just had to set it up once.
Jim Ball {public msg} We also had great technical support from the distributor of the phones.
Marysim {public msg} I mean our teachers interacting with you as well.
Guest216 {public msg} ?
Jim Ball {public msg} We begin the consult by training the staff on the skills they will need to implement the program.
Rebecca {public msg} Go ahead Guest216
Guest216 {public msg} So, this is just like A video on a CD and headphones you plug into the computer? Correct? Feedback of the Childs progress is sent though the head phones? Or is it sent through the Teachers? Could you expand on how this works exactly?
Jim Ball {public msg} The IP Phone give us a picture of the classroom, We see what is going on.
Guest216 {public msg} Ahh I see
Jim Ball {public msg} We then correct the Teachers and give them feedback on their teaching or on the child's behavior.
Jim Ball {public msg} Just like being in the class physically.
Guest216 {public msg} So it needs a cam also?
Jim Ball {public msg} We talk with the staff while we are on.
Ron {public msg} PAT has picture of the Vphone, with some written description, on the following web page ...
Jim Ball {public msg} The IP phone is the Camera
Jim Ball {public msg} It's built in
Jim Ball {public msg} The teacher positions the phone where they want us to see.
Jim Ball {public msg} Also, they can call at any time if a child is doing something they need help with.
Jim Ball {public msg} How many times have you hired a consultant to come in and see a specific behavior and the kids is good??
Jim Ball {public msg} This way when the behavior is occurring, we are in on it at real time.
Guest216 {public msg} I see
Ron {public msg} I can imagine this happens frequently.
Jim Ball {public msg} Guiding the staff.
Jim Ball {public msg} yes
Ron {public msg} same thing happens when we bring Robby for therapy :)
Jim Ball {public msg} It can also be used in the home
Marysim {public msg} it's good to get straight talk about these things.
Rebecca {action} agrees whole-heartedly.
Marysim {public msg} Thanks, we will consider options as we go along - thanks for helping us assess this. do you have samples of what you've been doing with the videophone?
Jim Ball {public msg} Yes
Ron {public msg} At talkAutism, we’re testing a bunch of approaches to improve assistance to the autism community. It’s nice to collaborate with guys like Jim.
Ron {public msg} Thanks so much Jim for sharing your feedback on using videophones to improve assistance to the classrooms you serve. Thanks to Rebecca for moderating.
Jim Ball {public msg} Thanks everyone
Rebecca {public msg} Thanks Jim!!
Rebecca {public msg} Hope to have you back soon!!
Rebecca {public msg} Thanks to all for coming.
Marysim {public msg} thanks again, this was helpful
Guest216 {public msg} Thanks! Great info!
Jim Ball {public msg} If need more info or want to chat about it let us know
Ron {public msg} good nite all, thanks for the interest
Jim Ball {public msg} also, love talkAutism and PAT and Ron and Sharon and would love to come back at any time.
Rebecca {public msg} Night Ron
Rebecca {public msg} Let Ron know Jim, we will welcome you back anytime!
Marysim {leaves}
Jim Ball {public msg} Rebecca Thanks
Rebecca {public msg} Your most welcome ;)
Rebecca {public msg} Night all
Guest216 {public msg} G'night all
Ron {leaves}
Guest216 {leaves}
Jim Ball {leaves}

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