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The following transcript is of a Specialty Chat hosted on chat area. They are brought to our visitors as a convenience for those that missed the chat.

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Dr. Jeffrey Weisman DigiSoft, LLC

"TITLE: "Technology Based Methods for the Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder".

Tuesday,  September 14th at 9 p.m. (Eastern), Note portions of the text have been edited for spelling and grammatical errors, while other text with errors was left in tact in the context of the chat.

{public msg} Dr Jeff, would you like to start now?
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} Sure!
Nikanz {public msg} What is digi soft???
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} Digisoft is the Company I started to build imaging applications for medicine.
Nikanz {public msg} Ok I am in New Zealand jeff that’s why I asked the question
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} I developed the first medical DICOM image viewer for Pocket PC that could be used a s a point of care tool.
Rebecca {public msg} Very impressive!
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} WE also developed the well known video player PIctrPOcket Cinema.
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} PictPocket Cinema
Nikanz {public msg} never heard of any of these things
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} for Pocket PC
Nikanz {public msg} Ok
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} That's OK....
Rebecca {public msg} And this was designed to benefit Autistic Folks?
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} NO
Rebecca {public msg} ok
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} I have a seven year old daughter with autism.
Rebecca {public msg} ahhhhhhh I see
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} When the diagnosis was made
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} I told our staff that we are out of the medical business and into developing software that could benefit kids with ASD
Mike Weachock {public msg} Fantastic
Nikanz {public msg} My son has Fragile X Syndrome Jeff
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} And we have been doing that for the past 3 years
Moderator {public msg} Wow
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} How is he doing?
Nikanz {public msg} Great
Mike Weachock {public msg} ?
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} He is probably social with language..
Nikanz {public msg} He was the first person in New Zealand to be diagnosed with Fragile X in 1982
Rebecca {public msg} Wow Nik
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} is quite rare..
Nikanz {public msg} way back then yes
Rebecca {public msg} Lets let Jeff finish so we can get onto questions ;)
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} I am finished..
Rebecca {public msg} Then we can open the floor, If that’s ok with
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} Sure
Rebecca {public msg} Mike can go first Mod
Mike Weachock {public msg} What skill level does your child have to be at to use your product
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} We have 3 software titles that are aimed at children between 3 and 10
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} but of course that depends on the functional level
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} we have children 15 years old using our programs
Mike Weachock {public msg} Does the parent or teacher guide the child
Moderator {action} . o O ( what are the titles? )
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} The software can be used with parent or therapist or independently...
Mike Weachock {public msg} Can you give a detail description of your products
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} ProblemSolvers focuses on learning to ask and answer WH word questions.
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} It does this in a game style environment where the child is a junior detective and has to solve problems using WH words.
Rebecca {public msg} wow! neat!
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} It uses reinforcement and repetition to teach investigative language
Moderator {public msg} what kind of success have kids had with it Jeff?
Rebecca {action} . o O ( any percentages? )
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} Almost all children at any level of function will learn some investigative language from ProblemSolvers
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} I have works at an autistic specialty school and have had great success
Rebecca {public msg} That’s great!
Rebecca {action} applauds fervently.
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} This is not a cure
Moderator {public msg} How long have they been using this software?
Mike Weachock {public msg} How do I know what level to start on with my child?
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} but because it is highly visual, kids will learn
Rebecca {public msg} of coarse not, but aid sure helps
Mike Weachock {public msg} Do you have samples?
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} Yes, software like this is a very nice compliment to an overall program
Mike Weachock {public msg} And how do I order your product?
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg}
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} There is a lot of information there
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} We also offer Fun with Feelings
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} to help treat” mind-blindness"
Rebecca {public msg} Try this Link
Moderator {public msg} mind blindness?
Nikanz {public msg} was going to ask are there any talking programs
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} Fun with Feelings takes the 20 most common emotions and breaks them down into their visual, verbal and situational factors
Nikanz {public msg} My son is blind also Jeff
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} IT then builds a composite picture of the emotion over a series of levels
Josi Wales {public msg} Very Impressive!!
Josi Wales {action} is just listening & Learning
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} It has really helped my daughter
Mike Weachock {public msg} It all sounds wonderful
Rebecca {public msg} Mike, were you able to grab the link I posted?
Moderator {public msg} Jeff how widely used is it?
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} No these are interactive games where the child is very much involved
Mike Weachock {public msg} Please tell us more
Guest43 {action} listens.
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} OK...we have a third application called Sound Readers
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} It teaches kids to read through music
Moderator {public msg} sounds interesting
Moderator {public msg} how is that achieved?
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} First the parent or teaches chooses a song
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} the song is played over and over for the the car..home etc
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} then the child goes to the computer and the music is played at 50% speed with the lyrics and text synchronized karaoke style.
Moderator {public msg} oh interesting concept
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} The child has the tempo and flow in his brain from hearing the song over and over (repetition) and the slow speed and sync allows the child to develop sight word recognition
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} it sounds complex but it is really very simple
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} It works
Rebecca {action} bets it does
Nikanz {public msg} repetition does work I agree
Moderator {public msg} Rebecca want to ask your question now?
Mike Weachock {public msg} That all makes sense
Rebecca {public msg} Sure
Mike Weachock {public msg} My son learned alot of words through his sing along videos
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} music is one of the best mnemonics out there
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} It is an established learning tool
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} and most kids with ASD process music better than the spoken voice
Mike Weachock {public msg} Why isn't used more widely in schools?
Rebecca {action} . o O ( Music & reading ;) )
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} It is used, but not nearlt as often as it should. There are just not a lot of tools that adapt music to learning
Rebecca {public msg} Jeff, is it just all related to sound processing?
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} It is more for entertainment
Rebecca {public msg} all in a round about way?
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} you know auditory processing is a problem for many kids with ASD
Rebecca {public msg} they hear something over & over, songs repeat...
Rebecca {public msg} Yep
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} but yet, there is a different pathway used to process music
Rebecca {action} listens.
Nikanz {public msg} This is very interesting
Mike Weachock {public msg} I am learning allot, and I look forward to getting his CD's
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} so go ahead
Rebecca {public msg} I can post my ? now?
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} Great!
Moderator {public msg} Rebecca is going to ask her question
Rebecca {public msg} Can you tell a little about Guests from IBM and DigiSoft LLC discussion on radio talk show "Let's Talk Computers".
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} Sure...
Moderator {action} . o O ( uh? )
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} I was interviewed on radio in Nashville
Moderator {public msg} oh neat
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} Let's Talk Computers
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} they were getting allot of callers asking about special needs software
Moderator {public msg} there is definitely a need out there for it
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} They contacted me and i did a 12 minute call in show
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} people would ask..Why can't I just buy Reader Rabbit, etc
Nikanz {public msg} we have special talking attachments on our computer for ds he uses them well
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} things like that
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} That is very good
Nikanz {public msg} had to get them in from the states
Rebecca {public msg} How or What did you fit into 12 minutes?
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} I was asked many questions
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} and answered them
Rebecca {public msg} Can you share some details?
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} Can you post the link to the show for all to listen?
Rebecca {public msg} yep one sec
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} ok
Moderator {public msg} Jeff, would this also be useful with a child with ADHD?
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} Sure...all of our games use the words required to learn in k through 4th grade
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} kids learn to ask and answer questions solve problem cause and effect
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} informational reading
Rebecca {public msg} Click Here
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} visual and auditory processing
Moderator {public msg} Will definitely look at that Dr Jeff for my grandson
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} Ultimate Learning is used by learning support classes for kids that are not autistic
Rebecca {public msg} ABOUT LET'S TALK COMPUTERS
Rebecca {public msg} Let's Talk Computers,, ranks as one of the longest-running computer radio talk shows and can be heard weekly via radio and 24 hours a day on the website.
Guest43 {action} is going to check it out BRB
Tabv {action} is still checking out the last link hehe
Moderator {public msg} Mike did you see there is a 14 day free trial at his site?
Josi Wales {public msg} Jeff may I ask...Any certain topics discussed in the radio show you can top off?
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} There are demo versions and free trials
Mike Weachock {public msg} no, but I will go to his site after the chat. (I don't want to miss anything)
Rebecca {public msg} Any certain topics discussed you can touch on?
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} sure...go ahead
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} what would you like to discuss
Rebecca {public msg} i think they meant on the radio show
Moderator {public msg} Link to Home page
Rebecca {action} thinks they are all at the links we posted
Moderator {public msg} think I will be getting that for grandson...
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} I think the radio show can be listened to anytime. I will be here for another 10 minutes or so...
Rebecca {public msg} ok, give them a minute to view the links, any questions?
Mike Weachock {public msg} Jeff, you are providing a wonderful service for special needs children, Thank you!
Moderator {public msg} Jeff, any idea how many schools or parents use this?
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} Thank you....but remember if I can help my daughter and by extension other children with similar issues
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} then that is what i need to do
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} We have over 100 schools using the Ultimate Learning software
Moderator {action} . o O ( your daughter is one lucky little girl )
Rebecca {public msg} That’s great!
Rebecca {public msg} Thanks for your time Jeff! We would love to have you back sometime.
Jeffrey S Weisman {public msg} Your Welcome…Bye.

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